An Overview of the French and Indian War
What were the immediate and far-reaching results of the French and Indian War?
Treaty of Paris
Land shifted ownership
France lost its land in North America and no longer was a major power
North America was left to Great Britain and Spain
Colonists wanted to expand westward into the newly gained lands
Led to Indian unrest (Pontiac’s War)
and the Proclamation of 1763
Led to friction between the colonists and the King
Later on, the King would raise taxes to pay for the huge debt left from the F and I War
Taxes would lead to American Revolution
Key People and events (battles) of the French and Inidan War
· George Washington-sent by the Gov. of Virginia to deal with the French. He was defeated at Fort Necessity
· Edward Braddock-a British General who used traditional military tactics despite Geo. Washington’s warnings. He was killed at the Battle of Fort Duquesne along w/ 1000 men
· Benjamin Franklin-issued the first political cartoon in the colonies urging all 13 colonies to unite as a whole to fight the French and Indians. He wrote and pushed for the Albany Plan of Union to be signed by all the colonies.
· James Wolfe- a British military leader who found a weakness in the French fortification of their capital, Quebec. He led an attack up the back path to the city and took control of Quebec. By defeated the French here, the War was basically won by the British
What were the causes of the War and what event marked its beginning?
· Both the French and British claimed that they owned the land in the Ohio River Valley
· British did not respect the Native Americans living in the region
· France and Britain both were competing to be the most powerful nation
· France and Britain were rivals in Europe too